Dr j Bindra has got the Botox and Dermal filler certification from Estheic skin institute USA. Get your smile lift by lip enhancement and overall face treatment by botox. Book your appointment for season discount.             Dr J Bindra was invited by The Rotary club Ludhiana for a talk Latest Trends and Techniques in Dentistry. Dr Bindra gave a detailed presentation on the Dental Problems in elderly and their solutions.                         The lecture was very well attended by elite members of Rotary club.                        Dr Bindra elaborated on relationship between Gum diseases and diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and many other organs of the body.

Why choose Bindra Dental Clinic & Implant Center?

This clinic is run by internationally trained Dr J Bindra, BDS, MDS FICD (USA) Certified Implantologist and by Dr Atalinder S Bindra DDS (USA) Fellow Implants New York University (USA) and their associates.

Dr J Bindra the Chief Implantologist took her earlier education on implants from The University of Illinois, Chicago (USA) in 1987. She has been updating her knowledge and skills from various institutions in USA and Germany. She has worked as Professor and Head Department of Dentistry at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, for over 30 years. She has done thousands of implants, a rare achievement for an Indian dentist. Many of the cases needed quite complicated implant surgeries. (To know more about her international experience click “About Dr J. BIndra)”.

She is the pioneer in starting Implants in this part of India. Dr. Bindra, a prosthodontist, is widely recognized as an expert in implants based dentures and other types of fixed dental prostheses (artificial teeth). She will provide you with perfectly-fitting, natural-looking dentures as part of her premium services.

Our patients speak for us

Why to have dental implants with us?

Dental treatment is really costly in the USA/Canada/Europe . So more and more patients from the Western World search less expensive places that do not compromise on material or work quality. Due to present day affordable travel fares and availability of dentists in India who are masters in international technology and have knowledge about latest advances in dental science, dental tourism is becoming a global trend. Often it is much cheaper to book a flight, pay for dental work in India and enjoy the hospitality of relatives and friends here.

But why pay high prices at home, when you can travel to India and receive the same treatment, may be better, at the Bindra Dental Clinic and Implant Center – a fully certified ultra-modern Dental Clinic at much lesser cost? When you are considering full mouth implants based rehabilitation the savings can be really significant.

The implants we recommend are American Dental Association (ADA), CE certified. The crown material we use is ceramic either VITA from Germany or IVOCLAIR from Switzerland and not acrylic or other cheap materials.

Re plantation of tooth

A 24 year male patient reported with a Cricket ball injury on upper front teeth on 13/09/2015. On examination, upper right central tooth was mobile and upper left central was avulsed. Patient left the tooth on the play ground and was advised to get the avulsed tooth back. RCT treatment was done for both the tooth. Tooth was replanted back in the socket, splinting was done. Patient was happy with his lost tooth back in the mouth.

A single sitting Endo perio surgery was done on a 25 years old female who had all Maxillary anterior teeth mobile due to the failure of orthodontic treatment. Root canal treatment of effected teeth was done and a flap surgery was performed along with it. Splinting of teeth was also done at the same time with Fibre splint. Surgery went uneventful.