Dr. J. Bindra

Dr. J. Bindra

Head Department of Dentistry, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana.


This is your Chief Dentist at Bindra Dental Clinic, Dr. Mrs. J. Bindra talking to you about our clinic. About 32 years ago I started my practice in one room clinic in Ludhiana. It has now grown to a full fledged dental hospital where in we use latest technology of international standards.

I specialize in prosthetics i.e. complete denture, partial dentures,flexible dentures, crown and bridge making and implant supported dentures, immediate denture , cosmetic denture etc. Treatment available for bleeding gums , bad breath  , loose teeth ,swollen gums, fractured teeth, bad smell , black gums , burning mouth , teeth sensitivty etc

I and my team give a personal touch to your treatment. Our satisfied patients are our best testimonials and awards.

Dr Atalinder. S. Bindra

DDS Dentist

Dr Atalinder. S. Bindra is DDS Dentist associated with Bindra Dental clinic. He is a highly trained Implantologist from Nyu, New York USA. His humorous nature and mild manners attract the patients.

Professional Affiliations, Licensure & Certifications
American Dental Association Pennsylvania Dental License
New York Dental License Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified
Chicago Dental Society Pennsylvania DEA Authorization
New York DEA Authorization

During My Training in USA


  • B. D. S. (Pb)
  • M. D. S. (Prosthetics, Crown & Bridge)
  • P. G. T. Univ. of Illinois (USA)


  • American Dental Association
  • F.I.C.D. (Fellow International College of Dentistry, USA )
  • SIERO Lyon (France)
  • Pierre Fauchard Acadmie
  • Indian Dental Associations
  • The Indian Academy of Implant Dentistry


  • Bindra J 2012.

    Augmentation procedures with autogenous bone in implantology; Olsberg, 4th-5th July 2001; and concept, indication and handling of the Ankylos Im[plant System; Hanau Germany 6th July, 2012

  • Bindra J 2012.

    Bone grafting techniques, and soft tissue surgery management by Dr. Thomas Hanser. Live surgery and hands-on course; Hamburg Germany, 15-17 March, 2012.

  • Bindra J 2010.

    Ring Technique for instant placement of implants immediately after tooth extraction. Live surgery and hands-on course; Frankfurt Germany, 17-20 May, 2010.

  • Bindra J 2009.

    Extended Horizons Using Mini Implants in Dental Practice; At Maui (Hawaii), USA 6-7 October 2009.

  • Bindra J 2009.

    Advanced surgical procedure including ridge augmentation procedures and immediate restoration techniques using XIVE and ANKYLOS Implant Systems with live surgeries and hand–on training; Landsberg Germany, 23- 24 March, 2009.

  • Bindra J. 2008

    13th Dentsply Friadent World Symposium 2008 “Focused on Your Practice Success” Berlin; Germany, 18. 04.08 to 19.04.2008.

  • Bindra J. 2008.

    160 hours didactic and clinical training course in multidisciplinary contemporary implant dentistry held at New Delhi from May 2007- June 2008(10th June, 2008).


  • Nominated as a Chartered Member of Punjab Dental Council.
  • Elected as Supporting Member of the Indian Academy of Implants Dentistry.


  • Bindra J 2004.

    Over-denture technique in Implants. Hands-on & Interactive Table Clinic on Implants and Bone Regeneration. FDI World Dental Congress, New Delhi.

  • Bindra J 2003.

    A definite solution to loose denture: Two implants over-dentures. World Congress on Prosthodontics, New Delhi.

  • Bindra J 2003.

    Two implants over-dentures. Table Clinic presentation; Mid-Winter Meet Chicago Dental Society.

  • Bindra J 2003.

    Lower difficult denture mystatic outline. World Congress on Prosthodontics, New Delhi.

  • Bindra J 2003.

    A definite solution to lower loose denture/two implants over denture. World Congress on Prosthodontics, New Delhi.

  • Bindra J. 1990.

    Efficacy of Yoga in alleviating strains specific to dental practice; response pattern to its various stages. FDI World Dental Congress, Singapore.

  • Bindra J. 1989.

    Use of amalgams in modern dentistry. FDI World Dental Congress, Amsterdam.


  • University of Illinois, USA, 1988:
  • Magnets and their usage in prosthetic dentistry.
  • Porcelain veneer.
  • Implants.
  • US Dental Institute, Chicago, 1988: Applied orthodontia.
  • Santa Cruz ( California ), 2000: Automated Endodontics.
  • New Jersey Dental School, 2001: Advanced training on modern prosthetics procedures.
  • Banff, Canada, 2002: Magnificent Destinations in Implant Dentistry; an advanced course on implants based dental procedures.
  • Dentaurum Germany, 1995: Workshop: Crown & Bridge Technique.
  • Dentaurum Germany, 1995: Remanium GM 380 Chrome Cobalt Technique by Mr.Tel Aviz.
  • 21st International Prosthetics Conference, 1994: Application of Light Cure Composites in Prosthodontics.


  • FDI World Dental Congress held at Washington D.C., 1988.
  • FDI World Dental Congress held at Amsterdam, 1989.
  • FDI World Dental Congress held at Singapore, 1990.
  • FDI World Dental Congress held at Seoul (Korea), 1997.
  • FDI World Dental Congress held at New Delhi, 2004.
  • Mid-Winter Meet Chicago Dental Society, 2003.
  • Asian Pacific Dental Congress, 1986.
  • Asian Pacific Dental Congress, 1996.
  • 21st Indian Prosthodontics Conference at New Delhi, 1994.
  • 22nd Indian Prosthodontics Conference at New Delhi, 1995.


  • Editor, Indian Journal of Clinical Dentistry.
  • Published several general awareness articles and research papers.


  1. Dental aesthetics
  2. Dental materials
  3. Bleaching
  4. Bonding and veneers


  • I have been regular contributor to foreign and Indian TV, Radio and Newspapers on different topics of dentistry.
  • So for I have published about 20 articles in national and international Press.Click Here For Media & Press.