Our Staff

  • Dr. Gagan

    Dr. Gagan

    Dr. Gagan, a university gold medalist dental surgeon, has a tremendous zeal for work. She excels in general dentistry with oral surgery and child dentistry being her passion. She continuously updates her skills with latest dental advancements to deliver best possible treatment.

  • Dr. Sheffali

    Dr. Sheffali

    Dr. Sheffali, is a dental surgeon with an extensive skill-set which is highly regarded by patients and fellow peers alike. Believing in the unique beauty of every smile, her dedication and care achieve only the best results for her patients and help them to maintain their teeth for life. Outside of work she is a great sports player and is blessed with amazing singing skills.

  • Dr. Birjot Singh

    Dr. Birjot Singh

    Dr. Birjot Singh, is a dentist of considerable experience. He provides a high standard, quality dental care especially in all fields of restorative dentistry. With excellent communication and management skills, he is indispensable part of our dental team.

  • Dr. Harleen Kaur

    Dr. Harleen Kaur

    Dr. Harleen Kaur, our periodontist is a doctor providing treatment for diseases of gums by various surgical procedures like gingivectomies, flap surgeries, grafting, splinting, etc. She enjoys working with her patients to ensure their optimal periodontal health.

  • Dr. Manjeet Singh

    Dr. Manjeet Singh

    Dr. Manjeet Singh (MDS Orthodontics) is a dentist of international standing and is considered one of the best orthodontist of India . He has been visiting dentist to Bindra Dental Clinic from last 20 years. His humor with the patients is remembered by them years after their treatment. From cleft palate to gross malocclusions; all types of orthodontic patients are his baby.

Auxillary Workers

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Our Auxiliary workers are most important part of our clinic. They are appreciated by all our staff and patients for their smile, politeness and dedication in taking care of our patients. From cleaning all the instruments, sterilizing them and packing them ready for use is done before the patient is in the clinic. They receive the patient at the reception, then fill up the patient form, and guide the patient to the dental operatory, where they make the patient sit comfortably. They are specially trained in sterilization procedures, and are also trained for the laboratory work. Maintaining Hygiene is the utmost important work for them. It is due to the hard work of our auxiliary workers, that our clinic is one of the most cleaned and organized clinic in North India.

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