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Fixed Teeths (Impalnts)

Implant supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.

For patients, dental implants provide comfort, convenience and confidence. For dentists, dental implants provide patient and professional satisfaction. We are among the market leader in India and we are driving the development of new dental implant standards and protocols.

Keeping in view their importance they have been disscused with more details in this website; please see the heading above.

Fixed Teeths (Impalnts)

Over time, the space left by one or more missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to drift and tilt into the space while the tooth opposing the space on the upper/lower arch may begin to erupt. This shifting can cause imbalances with the bite that can lead to headaches and TMJ problems. The spaces may also be difficult to keep clean, resulting in localized gum disease and decay.

Unless a dental implant is recommended to replace the missing tooth or teeth, a fixed or permanent bridge is an alternative. The teeth adjacent to the space are shaped in a manner similar to a tooth needing a single crown, impressions are taken, a temporary bridge is placed and 3-4 days later, the permanent bridge arrives from the lab for final cementation.



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Removable partial denture

When a tooth is lost, the bare minimum that must be done is to get a partial denture. The main disadvantage is that it does not give the feeling of being your own teeth. Also it often damages the adjoining teeth that help to hold it.

Removable Full denture

Some patients wants traditional full mouth dentures only, as for some reasons, economic or personal they don’t want implant based dentures. For such patients we have different choices:

  1. Rubber based denture for those having very soft and sensitive gums that are easily injured by normal acrylic denture.
  2. Metal based denture; these denture do not under go any change or distortions that the normal acrylic denture do with time.
  3. Ceramic teeth denture; they resist discoloration as well as wear and tear.
  4. Denture having based as well as teeth made of acrylic only. Such denture are most affordable


Crowns, also called caps, are made when one has a fractured or discolored tooth/teeth. Ceramic crowns are the most natural, while made of acrylic are much cheaper.

Irregular Teeth Straightening

Teeth can look very unaesthetic when they are irregular, protruding, bent inside, growing one above the other, or have excessive space between them. Besides looking ugly, irregular teeth are difficult to clean and are subject to rotting much sooner than the normal teeth.

These conditions indicate need for treatment:

  • Teeth don’t fit together properly when mouth is closed.
  • Lower teeth bite outside the upper teeth.
  • Teeth don’t chew properly.
  • Front teeth don’t meet when back teeth come together.
  • Breathing is done through the mouth or mouth is usually open.

Such a sad condition can only be treated by a qualified dentist (orthodontist). Your chief consultant Dr. J. Bindra is among the pioneers in the country to get training in subject from USA The treatment.

Earlier it was beloved that the treatment should begin when the child is 12-13 years old. But now the considered opinion is, “earlier the better” i.e. as soon as parents start observing formation of irregular teeth. If they see that their child is persisting with the habit of thumb sucking they should not take it lightly. However, several adults also been treated by the author. Some of them were of 35 year age or more.

Today’s orthodontic appliances are smaller and more comfortable than ever, with a wide variety of options from which to choose. Regular metal braces are used in the majority of cases and newer appliances have virtually eliminated the need to have a patient wear “old-fashioned” wires and brackets. Whether your treatment requires braces, removable appliances or a combination of both, our approach has one goal: a winning smile and good oral health.

For those who care for class and style we provide gold brackets made of ornamental grade of golds.



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Reshaping of Jaw

In some cases a jaw may be too small or too large. In such patients efforts to correct irregularity of teeth by usual methods may not give the desired result. With such patients a dentist resorts to surgical orthodontia. Excessively long jaw is cut into right shape and size. For too short jaws a piece of bone is taken from some other body parts, such as hips, and is grafted to increase the length of the jaw.


Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored or white filling: recent advances in the science of dental materials has brought fourth some such materials. When used for filling or repair of teeth it is virtually impossible to differentiate them the teeth in which have been filled. Besides filling the teeth, They can also be used for:

  1. Repairing chipped and cracked teeth.
  2. Reducing gap between widely spaced teeth.
  3. Balancing of irregular teeth.
  4. To give a thin layer in badly stained teeth.


Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic material which are bonded to the front of the teeth. This procedure can be an ideal choice for improving the appearance of the front teeth by masking discoloration, whitening teeth and/or reshaping a smile. The porcelain systems used for veneers have improved dramatically in recent years, allowing us to create realistic translucency and shade for a natural appearance.

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Teeth are not always as white as a person wants. Since over the years the color of teeth turns to darker shade, bleaching of teeth is desired or recommended. Basically there are two approaches to this problem; at the dental clinic and at home. Lasers are used to bleach the teeth. The process is rapid and results are more visible. In, “at your own home” treatment the doctor gives you especially made dental plate. The patient is advised to line it with chemical provided along with and wear it at night or spare time. The results are slower but it is more easy to do. Be aware of frequently advertise “do it yourself” bleaching kits as they mostly damage the soft tissue of your mouth. Dentitions of various patients are not alike. So, it is improbable that plate of the kit so purchased will fit you. We at Bindra Dental Clinic and Implants Center are using ZOOM Bleaching system which is the latest system in whole world.


Gum diseases are very common problems encountered and are major cause of loss of teeth. The indications, besides receding gums, are deposit of tartar on teeth, bad smell and swelling of gums. Such gums bleed easily while brushing teeth or when pressed. In advanced stages there is puss formation around and at the base of teeth. Patient may have to get up at night and clean his mouth to get some temporary relief and some sleep. Other symptoms include hot and cold sensation from food and drinks, and formation of blisters, ulcers and sores.

The Treatment: Susceptibility of gums to these bacterial onslaughts varies from persons to person and his food habits. Brushing teeth twice and thrice a day i.e. after every major food is of great help. However it can not always prevent it. Also no antibiotic is available that can control these bacteria. The treatment consists thoroughly scrapping away of tartar followed by polishing of teeth. If the tartar has grown inside the gum line it has to be remover by lifting the gums. In advanced cases the tartar is removed surgically.


Root Canal treatment (RCT), has to be done when there is infection of the root canal. When the infection travels up to the apex of the root of the tooth, there is formation of an abscess and many times it becomes difficult to save such a tooth. While performing RCT treatment a doctor removes the pulp of the tooth and its canal are filled with gutta-percha or it’s alike. RCT treated teeth become non vital and should finally be covered with a cap made of ceramic or acrylic.




Wisdom teeth are considered “impacted” or unable to erupt when they have no place to go or grow. They may grow in sideways (which can destroy your second molar), only partially come through the gum causing a bacteria trap resulting in recurrent infections or remain trapped beneath the gum and bone forming a fluid filled sac (cyst) or tumors that destroy the jaw or teeth.


Wisdom teeth can be considered not functional if they are:

  • badly decayed,
  • are causing gum disease,
  • cause pain,
  • move other teeth out of alignment,
  • Interfere with your biting.

Early removal of wisdom teeth, around the age of 16 or 17, can help you to avoid future problems as at a younger age:

  • Tooth roots are not fully developed.
  • The surrounding bone is softer,
  • There is less chance of damaging nerves and healing is generally faster.

Jaw Fracture

Symptoms of a jaw fracture include pain in the face or jaw, located in front of the ear on the affected side(s), witch gets worse with movement. Patient is inable to close his mouth, leading to drooling. He may have difficulty speaking in spaking. Jaw may protrude forward, teeth may not align normally and bite feels “off” or crooked.

Treatment of Jaw Fracture

Conservative Treatment for Jaw Fracture:

This means that patients whose fracture does not affect mastication must rest the areas of the broken bone. In fractures affecting the jaws , immobilisation of the jaws is necessary for conservative treatment and this can be ensured by retaining screws or encirclement of the teeth with strong wire.

Treatment by Operative Therapy:

If operative treatment is necessary, this involves an operation that is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The broken fragments of bone are exposed at the operation and the fractured parts of the bone are joined together firmly in their original position using plates and screws.

The problem of clicking, popping, or snapping of jaw may or may not be accompnied by pain. Usually the cause is a displaced disc in the jaw. If your bite is not right or trauma tears the tissues the jaw joint is pulled out of alignment, The pain may radiate towards face as well as in the head, neck, back and shoulders. This may often be confused with a heart condition, spondlitis or some more severe neurlogical problem. Such unfortunate patients approach us with different types of scans of brains and body which are total waste of money.

For such cases we re-aligns the displaced jaw disc. Once the jaw is realigned and the disc is back in place the clicking and popping sounds stop and the muscles holing the disc in place can relax, alleviating the pains.

Grinding of Teeth

It is a habit which is related mainly to stress. It is manifested specially during night and leads to attrition of teeth. Patient complains of hot and cold sensation, tiredness of facial muscles in the moring and even swelling of jaw joint.

We make a night guard that the patients wear at night, to stop or reduce grinding of teeth.

Dry Mouth

It is due to old age, high blood pressure, parkinsonism and side-effect of some medicines. It results in ulceration and burning sensation of lips, tongue and mouth, problem in speaking and difficulty in eating. Now “artificial saliva” to keep the mouth moistened and some other medicines are available

Thumb Sucking

It is very natural to all the children and they should not be discouraged to do so when they are tiny toddlers. However, the problem starts if they continue to do so even after attaining the age of 6-7 years. Such a child may be excessively nervous or anxious, having some hidden fears. When forced to leave this habit he/she will develop secondary psychosomatic disorders like bed wetting, stomach aches or poor performance in studies. For such a child we will make a special appliance which is fitted into his mouth. It makes thumb sucking less pleasant but not impossible. Thus the child gradually loses interest in habit.


Some types of snoring is directly due to some dental problems for which the treatment available with us.