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Silver fillings have the disadvantage of being metallic and turn black with age. Although there’s a lot of controversy because dentists have been trained to use silver fillings and change from established ways is often difficult. When possible, however, we feel it’s best to use a mercury free material because mercury is a dangerous substance. Studies done in Canada showed that sheep given mercury/silver fillings get mercury in their body.

White fillings contain no mercury and once placed into a tooth, they are hard to see. They’re beautiful. Years ago, composites were not strong enough to replace much of a tooth, however, modern dental techniques have developed to strengthen larger them. Most white fillings are placed directly into a tooth and hardened right after the dentist prepares a tooth. White fillings also look great in the front of your mouth. They can even be placed onto the surface of your tooth using a dental technique called bonding.

Bonding allows dentists to mold beautiful smiles like artists mold clay statutes. The use of a light hardened material allows a dentist to mold, shape, and sculpt your tooth without worrying about time or having to rush through the procedure. After the dentist is sure it looks great, it’s then hardened using a dental curing light. When the light is placed close to the material, the material begins to chemically change and harden. Dental curing lights have really improved the dentist’s ability to use materials to create beautiful smiles.

If you are considering having white fillings done to improve your smile and your goal is to look great, you should seriously consider scheduling a Cosmetic Consultation exclusively aimed at discussing what you want in your beautiful smile. If you would like to speak to a dentist contact with an Bindra Denatl Clinic